[Free eBook] The Butchers of Berlin by Chris Petit [WWII Historical Murder Mystery]

The Butchers of Berlin by English author Chris Petit is the 1st novel in his Schlegel & Morgen series of historical murder mystery/crime thrillers, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Simon & Schuster UK.

This was last week’s featured Free Book of the Week selection in the iTunes UK store and was apparently made free to promote the newly-released 2nd in series, Pale Horse Riding. The series is set in Germany during World War II, investigating crimes taking place domestically within the country, starring a civilian investigator and an SS officer.

This story begins their unusual partnership with an odd string of murders which leads the investigator, who normally pursues financial crimes, to be assigned to a homicide case which becomes ever more mysterious as they delve deeper into whatever’s really going on.

Offered in the UK only, available at multiple retailers.

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