[Free eBook] The Lying Game by Sara Shepard [YA Teen Murder Mystery Drama]

The Lying Game by bestselling YA author Sara Shepard is the 1st novel in her The Lying Game series of YA high school drama novels with supernatural murder mystery elements, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher HarperCollins’ HarperTeen imprint.

This series, which is the basis of the eponymous ABC TV show, is centred around the mystery of who killed a popular teen girl, narrated by the ghost of the murder victim as her secret twin sister takes her place in an attempt to flush out the killer. This installment sets up the series by having the surviving twin apparently witness the murder of her heretofore unknown sister, and proceed to invisibly step into and publicly live her sister’s life as a decoy, attempting to keep up appearances with friends and family even as she tries to find and outwit the murderer.

Offered in the US only, available at multiple retailers.

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