[Free eBook] A Hint of Frost by Hailey Edwards [High Fantasy with Romance]

A Hint of Frost by Hailey Edwards is the 1st novel in her Araneae Nation series of dark high fantasy with strong f/m romantic elements, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Samhain.

The series is set in a dark high fantasy world with spider-based magic clans at war—with an emphasis on political intrigue, action adventure, and alliance through marriage—and many installments centre around romantically-attracted opponents who eventually join forces against a greater cause. This installment finds one clan in chaos when its head is dead from poison, leaving her heir in need of an alliance to strengthen their position. In the midst of battle, a younger daughter disappears, and the heir and her prospective mate must journey to find the missing sister, meanwhile uncovering a strange plague which threatens all the clans.

In addition to this 1st-in-series freebie, two more short stories are also offered free courtesy of the author herself, and there’s a worldbuilding compendium including a pronunciation guide on her website. The entire series can be gotten for 50% off until February 28th as part of publisher Samhain’s going-out-of-business sale on their entire catalogue, which includes reprints of classic horror, as well as their extensive selection of romance and sf/fantasy with romantic elements.

Offered worldwide until February 28th (when the publisher goes out of business), available at multiple retailers (some DRM-free).

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