[Free eBooks UPDATE] 9 free comics from Dynamite [Superhero, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi]

As part of the promotion for The Dynamite Women Comics Bundle from Groupees, a tier of free comics is being offered, courtesy of publisher Dynamite.

UPDATE: the bundle has been extended a few more days for the September 4th long weekend, the $20 tier has been boosted with 35 extra comics (automatically added for previous purchasers)

At the $0 minimum price for the free tier, 9 issues are offered:

  • Barbarella #1, a revival of the French science fiction comic book series which inspired the cult classic 1960s film
  • Red Sonja #0, starring the heroine from pulp fantasy author Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Conan adventures
  • Sheena, Queen of the Jungle #0, a Tarzan-inspired pulp adventure series starring a protector of the wilderness
  • Vampirella Magazine #1-3, reprinting stories from the Warren era of the cult classic horror drama series
  • Vampi #1-3, a revival of the Vampirella series, recasting her as a superhero in the 21st century

In addition to the free tiers, more levels of comics are available from $1.99 to $19.99, with titles including the Charmed and The Bionic Woman TV series tie-ins, urban fantasy author Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series adaptation, modern adventures of classic characters Betty Boop and Miss Fury, pinup queen Bettie Page and horror hostess Elvira, popular comics creator Garth Ennis’ Ninjette, and more.

Offered DRM-free worldwide until 4:30 AM Eastern Time on August 31st, available at Groupees (requires account signup with billing address, but no payment info).