[Free Video Game] Endless Space Collection [Science Fiction Space Opera Strategy]

As a special treat to promote their current “End of Summer Sale Encore”, the Humble Bundle Store and developer Amplitude Studios are offering a giveaway of their space strategy game.

Endless Space Collection contains the original Endless Space and the DLC Endless Space: Disharmony which is a turn-based space opera strategy game where you can choose among ten distinct galactic civilizations of the far future, taking advantage of the powerful ancient relics of a long-fallen species, or create your own and expand your empire, while playing solo by yourself or multiplayer against your friends.

Compatible with Mac and Windows via Steam key (must redeem key in the Steam app before September 21st) @ the Humble Store (requires valid email signup for their newsletter to receive your key)

Offered through September 14th at 10 AM Pacific Time, available worldwide.

[Free Video Game] Obduction [Science Fiction Puzzle Adventure]

As a special treat to help promote their current Summer Sale Festival, GOG.com is giving away copies of a science fiction puzzle adventure game, free for a limited time courtesy of developer Cyan, the indie studio behind the cult classic Myst franchise.

The game stars you as an abductee transported across the universe by a mysterious artifact, exploring an alien landscape sprinkled with parts of Earth from various times and places, uncovering connections and making choices that may or may not bring you home.

To get your free copy of Obduction (available for Mac & Windows, requires account signup with valid email but no payment info), scroll down to the banner just under “Flash Deals” on the GOG.com homepage and click to claim it. You can read more about the game on its dedicated product page

Free through June 1st at 1 PM UTC (approx 6 AM Pacific Time), available DRM-free directly from GOG.com.

[Free Video Game] Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion [Space Opera Strategy]

As part of a promotion for the Humble Store’s Fall Sale, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is being offered free for a limited time, courtesy of Humble Bundle and developers Ironclad Games and Stardock Entertainment.

The game is a standalone installment in the award-winning Sins of the Solar Empire franchise, a space opera strategy set in a war-torn galactic empire. In this one, the empire is divided further between isolationist Loyalists and militant Rebels, in which you can play either side with a fleet of ships.

Offered through 10 AM Pacific Time on November 18th @ the Humble Store, available worldwide for Windows via Steam key (requires HB account linked to your Steam account, must redeem in Steam app before November 22nd)

[Free Video Game] Supermarket Management 2 [Casual Simulation]

As a Labour Day week treat, Supermarket Management 2 is offered free for a limited time, courtesy of publisher G5 Games.

This is a casual point-and-click time/resource management simulation game, where you are the manager of a small shop that gradually turns into a large grocery chain as you use the profits from pleasing customers to invest in upgraded equipment and grow your business.

I’ve had this for a few years and played it through to the end. It’s light on story and the gameplay isn’t very deep, but reasonably entertaining fun if you like this sort of game. Also, there are a lot of ads for the publisher’s other games upon startup and when you pause it, but otherwise none while actually playing the game.

Offered worldwide through September 9th for Mac, Windows 10, Android, and iDevices @ the Mac App Store, the iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and Microsoft

[Free Video Games] Meadow & The Tiny Bang Story [Kid-Friendly Exploration & Story Puzzle]

As part of the continuing promotion for their Summer Sale, Humble Bundle is offering 2 more free video games for a limited time, while supplies last.

Take a daily visit to the front page of the Humble Bundle Store to collect stamps for the Summer Sale Mission while logged (refresh the front page if you don’t see the extra banner at the top saying you’ve earned a stamp and can claim a reward).

  • When you have 3 stamps, you can claim Meadow, a multiplayer-capable exploration and discovery game.

  • When you have 5 stamps, you can claim The Tiny Bang Story, a text-free interactive story game where you help fix a planet hit by a meteor by solving puzzles.

Both games are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam key, and seem to be appropriate for all ages. The stamps will also give you discount coupons for selected store items, if you’re interested.

You get 1 stamp per day through September 12th (or per $5 spent on the sale). The stamp eligibility rotation time seems to be 11 AM Pacific Time, and you have until 10 AM Pacific Time on September 13th to claim your rewards.

[Free Video Game] Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine + 2 bonus game offers [Sci-Fantasy RPG, Mystery]

As a special promotion for their Summer Sale, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is free for a limited time, courtesy of Humble Bundle.

The game is part of the popular Warhammer franchise of hybrid science fiction/fantasy RPG adventures, and this installment is set in the far future where you play the Captain of a squad of Ultramarines, holding off a planetary invasion of Orks until reinforcements arrive.

Offered worldwide until 10 AM Pacific Time on September 1st @ the Humble Store, available for Windows only via Steam key (requires newsletter signup, must redeem key in the Steam app before September 14th; scroll down until you see the green “Get the Game” or “Get It Now” button, depending on whether you already have an HB account)

In addition to this giveaway, every day that you visit the front page of the Humble Store while logged into your account after 11 AM Pacific Time (or spend $5 on the sale)d, you will obtain one stamp towards the Summer Sale Mission Rewards, with a chance of getting 2 extra games.

  • Collect 3 stamps to claim the fantasy adventure game Braveland, available for Windows, Linux, & Mac via Steam, and also available DRM-free.

  • Collect 5 stamps to claim the mystery action game The Ship: Murder Party, available for Windows only via Steam.

The stamps can be collected and redeemed until September 6th at 10 AM Pacific Time.

[Free Video Game] Orwell [Classic Dystopian Novel-Based Adventure]

Orwell by Osmotic Studios is a special giveaway in the Humble Bundle store, free for a limited time to promote their current sales events.

The game is a simulation adventure directly inspired by George Orwell‘s classic dystopian science fiction novel 1984, where you play a researcher working for Big Brother, spying on and sifting through citizens’ data in the wake of a terror attack to root out and report suspects who pose a danger to the Nation. Or do they?

Offered worldwide through 10 AM Pacific time on August 18th @ Humble Bundle’s store (requires account signup but no payment info) as a Steam key for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and must be redeemed via the Steam app before September 1st.