[Free eBook] Wasted World: How Our Consumption Challenges the Planet by Rob Hengeveld [Ecology Science Issues & Sociopolitical History]

Wasted World: How Our Consumption Challenges the Planet by Rob Hengeveld, a biologist and former honorary professor in the Department of Animal Ecology at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, is environmental and social science current affairs and history, free for a limited time courtesy of the University of Chicago Press.

This is their featured Free Book of the Month for September.

This accessibly-written book explains the natural and industrial processes of resource usage and recycling, also tracing the human connection and effects of overconsumption, overpopulation, and pollution and their consequences throughout worldwide history as well as in current and potential future times.

Offered worldwide through September, available directly from the university’s website.

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[Free Audiobooks] Spill by Leigh Fondakowski & Meet the Sky by McCall Hoyle [Oil Spill Disaster Documentary Play & New Adult Romance]

AudioFile’s SYNC Summer of Listening 2019 promotion for young adults offers 2 free audiobooks per week—1 classic or non-fiction, 1 modern—as free MP3 downloads, usually available worldwide (some titles are subject to geo-restrictions, and you can see the planned release schedule here).

This week’s two selected titles, which have a theme of coping with the effects of disasters both natural and otherwise, available until 7am Eastern Time on May 23rd, are as follows:

  • Spill by Leigh Fondakowski, a live perfomance recording of a documentary-styled theatre play based on the events of British Petroleum’s 2010 Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion and subsequent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, told via dramatized interviews, court proceedings, and emotional experiences of the rig workers and their families in the aftermath; read by a full cast, from L. A. Theatre Works, available worldwide
  • Meet the Sky by McCall Hoyle, a New Adult f/m contemporary romance novel starring an emotionally-withdrawn young woman traumatized by recent accidents and misfortunes, who gets separated from her family during a hurricane evacuation off the coast of North Carolina, and finds herself trapped on her home island and struggling to survive and learn to live fully again with the help of a former high school crush who broke her heart and has suffered heartbreaks of his own; read by actress Morgan Fairbanks, from Blink, available worldwide

Offered as DRM-free MP3s through 7am Eastern Time on May 23rd, available in selected countries worldwide (requires installing Overdrive Media console software on your PC, Mac, Android, or iDevice, and you need to finish downloading before the time limit).

[Free eBook] Death from the Sea by Herbert Molloy Mason [1900s Natural Disaster History]

Death from the Sea by the late Texas-resident American author Herbert Molloy Mason, Jr., a military history writer, is a natural disaster event case history, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press.

This was originally published in 1972 by The Dial Press (since acquired by Penguin Random House).

The book is done in a narrative history style, giving an account of the 1900 Galveston Hurricane in Texas, considered the deadliest natural disaster in US history, covering the background and rise to prominence of the town and its colourful inhabitants, in parallel to the building up of the weather conditions which would devastate them amidst ignored warnings, as well as the aftermath of the hurricane’s damaging effects which reached as far as Canada and the town’s gradual recovery.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

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