[Free eBook] The Classical Roman Reader by Kenneth Atchity [Ancient Rome Historical Source Texts Introduction]

The Classical Roman Reader by Kenneth Atchity, a former professor of comparative literature and classics who later became a film producer, is an introductory historical source text sampler, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Story Merchant.

This was originally published in 1997 by Henry Holt & Co as part of their Henry Holt Reference Books line, credited as by Kenneth John Atchity, and later picked up by Oxford University Press as part of their Oxford Paperbacks line.

This introductory reader contains excerpted translated period writings from various sources, both well-known and obscure, across many topics throughout the classical era of Ancient Rome from the founding to the early Republic and the Empire through the 5th century, accompanied by brief pieces about each author and giving more contextual information to aid in understanding their times.

Offered DRM-free worldwide, available at Amazon.

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[Free eBooks] 15 titles from Verso Books [Academic, Culture, History, Philosophy, Politics, Etc.]

As a special treat to mark the end of back-to-school month, publisher Verso Books are offering a repeat of the 15 titles from their September flash giveaways accompanying their still-ongoing 50% off Student Reading sale, in case anyone missed them earlier.

The titles include a mix of quasi-academic history (ancient and recent), political and economic philosophy, arts & culture, social and gender studies, and other related topics written by authors worldwide, selected from their promotional recommendation lists during the Student Reading sale.

This is the list, and you can pick them all up from their dedicated promo blogpost here (wait for everything to load, then click to switch to “Ebook” for each title before adding to cart; requires account signup with billing address but no payment info) through this weekend:

  • Capitalism, Socialism, Ecology by André Gorz, from the Environment & Ecology recommended reading list
  • Bad New Days by Hal Foster, from Art & Aesthetics
  • Darkwater by W.E.B. Du Bois, from Race & Ethnicity
  • Building the Commune by George Ciccariello-Maher, from Sociology
  • Fictitious Capital by Cédric Durand, from Economics
  • Invisibility Blues by Michele Wallace, from Feminism and Gender
  • Democracy Against Capitalism by Ellen Meiksins Wood from Political Theory
  • Read My Desire by Joan Copjec, from Psychoanalysis
  • Good Neighbors by Sylvie Tissot, from Architecture & Cities
  • Peasant-Citizen and Slave by Ellen Meiksins Wood, from History (is about ancient Greece)
  • Politics and Letters by Raymond Williams, from Cultural & Literary Theory
  • Cultural Capital by Robert Hewison, from Film & Media
  • The Left Hemisphere by Razmig Keucheyan, from Critical Theory
  • The Philosophy of Marx by Etienne Balibar, from Philosophy
  • Homo Juridicus by Alain Supiot, from Anthropology

Offered worldwide through 11:59 PM Eastern Time on September 30th, available DRM-free (ePub & Mobi, watermarked with your email address but otherwise freely transferrable to all your devices) directly from the publisher.