[Free eBook] A World I Never Made by James LePore [Literary Crime Thriller]

A World I Never Made by James LePore the 1st novel in his Invictus Cycle quintet of literary noir suspense thrillers, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Fiction Studio Books, an imprint created by award-winning editor Lou Aronica, who founded Random House’s Bantam Spectra and HarperCollins’ Avon Eos science fiction/fantasy lines.

The quintet comprises standalone noir suspense thrillers with strong literary fiction elements, which are linked by their exploration of variations upon the theme of organized crime and families trying to be ordinary despite their involvement. This is a dual story, divided betwen the viewpoints of a man teaming up with a detective, on the trail of his estranged daughter who has faked a suicide as a possible cry for help, and the daughter herself, a journalist who has discovered something sinister about a businessman she has a torrid affair with.

Offered worldwide, available at multiple retailers.

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