[Free eBooks] 5 free nonfiction from Verso Books [History, Political Theory, Activism, Economics.]

As a special treat to accompany their Student Reading sale through Wednesday, September 30th, 5 quasi-academic nonfiction ebooks are free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Verso Books.

Each free title in the giveaway is a selection from their themed suggested student reading lists (also on sale for 40% off print and ebooks), on various topics of history, political theory, economics, and activism from notable authors worldwide, and include:

  • How to Be an Anti-Capitalist in the 21st Century by the late Erik Olin Wright, a Vilas Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin
  • The Groundings with My Brothers by the highly influential Guyanese intellectual and 1960s anti-colonial activist Walter Rodney, who was later assassinated
  • Work: The Last 1,000 Years by Andrea Komlosy, a professor in the Department of Economics and Social History at the University of Vienna, Austria
  • Considerations on Western Marxism by British essayist Perry Anderson, Professor of History and Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles
  • The Return of the Political by Belgian political theorist Chantal Mouffe, Professor of Political Theory at the Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Westminster

Offered worldwide through Wednesday, September 30th until just before midnight Eastern Time, available @ the publisher’s dedicated blogpost (watermarked but otherwise DRM-free ePub & Mobi bundle, requires account signup with valid email and billing address, but no payment info; click to switch each book’s tab from Hardcover or Paperback to Ebook to add the freebies to your cart).

[Free eBook] The Polarizers: Postwar Architects of Our Partisan Era by Sam Rosenfeld [US Political History & Current Affairs]

The Polarizers: Postwar Architects of Our Partisan Era by Sam Rosenfeld, an assistant professor of political science at Colgate University, is his history of US political party development, free for a limited time courtesy of the University of Chicago Press.

This is their featured Free Book of the Month for September, and is described as an intellectual and institutional history of party polarization in the post-WWII United States, exploring the deliberate trending away over the decades from bipartisanship towards increasingly polarized ideology in both the Democratic and Republican camps and the various actors and agendas behind the shifts, focusing on overlapping periods from the 1945 to 2000, with an epilogue summarizing developments through 2016.

Offered worldwide through the end of September, available directly from the university’s website.

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[Free eBook] Norstrilia by Cordwainer Smith [Award-Winning Classic Science Fiction]

Norstrilia by Cordwainer Smith, a pseudonym for the late Paul Linebarger, is his vintage classic science fiction novel, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Phoenix Pick Press.

This is their featured Free Book of the Month for September, and was originally published in parts as two novels, the Hugo Award-finalist The Planet Buyer in 1964, followed by The Underpeople in 1968, before being reunited in the author’s original one-volume form in 1975 from Ballantine Books, which won Japan’s 1988 Seiun Award for Best Translated Long Story and has placed twice on Locus Magazine’s All-Time Best SF Novel lists.

The story takes place in the author’s “Instrumentality of Mankind” future history setting where a vigorous central government arising from a post-apocalyptic Earth has expanded into space and then stagnated, setting up the conditions for the revival of humanity from its increasingly sterile dysfunction. This adventure is heavily influenced by the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, starring the misfit scion of an ancient family on the only planet where a precious immortality drug is cultivated, who runs afoul of enemies whose machinations force him to flee to Earth for safety, where his wealth quickly makes him a target for the potentially more dangerous schemes of assorted crooks and revolutionaries.

Offered through October 5th (the monthly freebie rotates on the first Tuesday), available DRM-free worldwide directly from the publisher.

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[Free eBook] Sapphire Nights by Patricia Rice [Paranormal Romance]

Sapphire Nights by Patricia Rice, a recipient of the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice & Career Achievement Awards, is the 1st novel in her Crystal Magic series of f/m contemporary paranormal romance, free for a limited time courtesy of the author herself.

The series is set in the fictional small town of Hillvale in California, starring persons with empathic and psychic abilities who uncover and resolve secrets, mysteries, and the occasional murder rooted in the local history.

This installment stars a newcomer scientist with amnesia attempting to uncover the truth about herself, helped by a Chinese-American investigator from L.A. haunted by his father’s long-ago disappearance in the town, who struggles to cope with the expanded reality of spirits and other weirdness surrounding them both.

Offered DRM-free worldwide, probably until early October, available @ the Book View Café author consortium website.

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