[Free eBook] Luna: New Moon by Ian McDonald [Award-Nominated Science Fiction]

Luna: New Moon by Belfast-resident British author Ian McDonald, a recipient of the Hugo, Theodore Sturgeon, and Philip K. Dick Awards, is the 1st novel in the Luna trilogy of futuristic science fiction, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Macmillan’s Tor Books.

This is their featured free eBook of the Month Club offer for December and was nominated for the British Science Fiction Association’s annual BFSA Award for Best Novel, and won the LGBT-focused Gaylactic Spectrum Award. The series takes place in the near-future on a colonized Moon with a sexually-liberated and technologically-advanced society, which is dominated by an industrial cabal known as the Five Dragons which engages in cut-throat competition and political intrigue.

This story is centred around the clash between the old guard of the Moon’s corporate families and an up-and-coming would-be dynasty which has secured a precarious place of dominance in the helium industry, and must fight its enemies within and without, as the family must defend itself not only against the intrigues of rival corporations, but also the ambitions of its own members.

Offered through December 14th until just before midnight Eastern Time, available DRM-free to Canada & US only directly from the publisher.

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