[Free eBook] Merridrew Follows The Trail by John Russell Fearn [Western Historical Murder Mystery]

Merridrew Follows The Trail by the late British author John Russell Fearn is is a standalone western historical investigative action mystery novel, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Frontier imprint.

This was originally published in 1953 by World’s Work Ltd, and was later reprinted by Linford as part of their Linford Western Library line.

The story is a hybrid action adventure and murder mystery, where a sheriff and mayor must team up to solve the case when troubles come to town as a new saloon singer and a stranger with a gang of outlaws on his trail arrive, even as local ranch owners start to be mysteriously murdered and their properties burned to hide some sort of possibly-related secret.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time @ Amazon (should be available worldwide).

Where will the evidence lead…?

For Sheriff Brad Wood of Double Peak, Arizona, problems start the same day that Sylvia Danning arrives in town looking for work.

Wanting to help, Brad secures her a position as a singer in the local Saloon, where she quickly proves a hit, catching the eye of the recently arrived Hap Hazard.

But Hazard has troubles of his own, with a gang of outlaws hot on his trail and out for his blood.

Meanwhile, ranch owners are being murdered and their backs viciously burned off, as if to hide something.

Are the strangers in town and the murders connected?

And more importantly, what secret is hidden on the backs of the dead?

Can Brad and his trusted manservant-turned-mayor Merridrew solve the case before more bodies pile up?

Merridrew Follows The Trail is a classic murder mystery set in the wild west that will grip readers from the first page until the final, unexpected conclusion.


Author: Alexander the Drake

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