[Free eBook] Character and Characters: The Spirit of Alaska Airlines by Robert J. Serling [Aviation Business History]

Character and Characters: The Spirit of Alaska Airlines by the late Robert J. Serling, a novelist and aviation writer who was also the brother of screenwriter Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone fame and occasionally contributed technical consultation on the show, is an aviation history, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press.

This was originally published in 2008 by Documentary Media.

The book is a comprehensive aviation travel history/business biography of Alaska Airlines, from its beginnings as a small local bush plane venture in the 1930s to becoming a major carrier worldwide, covering its unconventional beginnings and various aspects of its history, from clever marketing campaigns to ground-breaking international flights to innovating online ticket sales, as well as the personalities behind the operations.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time @ Amazon (should be available worldwide)

This is the history of Alaska’s last legacy airline, Alaska Airlines.

Aviation-history writer Robert Serling has documented Alaska Airlines’ unconventional past and titled it Character & Characters in recognition of those who flew the planes and marked the airline’s transformation from a single-aircraft bush operator in 1932 to a major U.S. carrier.

From Alaska Airlines’ fabled beginnings serving the far reaches of America’s “Last Frontier” to its present-day network stretching from Barrow to Zihuatanejo and Boston to Honolulu … from creative promotions to its historic flights that linked the United States and the Russian Far East … from distinctive in-flight services to the first online ticket sales, Character & Characters chronicles the unusual stories and colorful people behind this uncommonly independent airline.

Serling’s seasoned perspective is based on his authorship of a long list of airline histories, an industry fascination that began not long after the Wright brothers’ first flight, and his love of a good story. His experience has resulted in a spirited telling of Alaska Airlines’ history of survival and success over unforgiving geographies in a remarkably competitive business.

Character & Characters has a rhythm to it, based not so much on chronology as on Serling’s innate sense of how a good story should be told. And like the airline that is the subject of his work, his book is a great aviation saga.


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