[Free eBook] Death Dives Deep by Michael Avallone [Comedic Pulp Espionage Mystery]

Death Dives Deep by Michael Avallone is the 21st novel in his Ed Noon series of vintage pulp mystery/crime thrillers with comedic elements, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Story Merchant.

This was originally published in 1971 by Signet. The popular, long-running pulp mystery/crime series stars a P.I. in New York City, who often takes on cases with oddball clients, leading to zany adventures.

This case is a nautical adventure on the spy thriller side, seeing the P.I. take on an assignment from the US President, looking into sinister goings-on involving submarines in the Bermuda Triangle, and a story-within-a-story which leads him to uncover a top secret plot.

Offered DRM-free worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time @ Amazon (available DRM-free worldwide)

Is there a genuine Bermuda Triangle Menace? Sexy sirens, submarine suspense, and a sinister plot to torpedo America. A red-hot assignment tossed in the lap of the President’s top-secret man, detective Ed Noon.

The Adventures of Ed Noon, Private Eye, spanning over 30 novels written between 1953 and 1990. Noon starts out dirt poor with a tiny office in Midtown Manhattan (his “Mouse Auditorium”) but success moves him to better digs, a lovely secretary (Melissa Mercer) and, eventually, the most important client of all: the President of the United States. The series concludes with a daring turn towards science fiction in the last two novels. Through it all, the wisecracking Noon is consistent: a movie and baseball-obsessed romantic who always fights the good fight.


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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