[Free eBook] The Krantin Omnibus by Juanita Coulson [Sword & Sorcery Fantasy]

The Krantin Omnibus: Books 1 & 2 by Juanita Coulson, who is also an award-winning filksinger, comprises her complete Krantin duology of classically epic good vs. evil sword & sorcery fantasy novels, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture imprint.

The contents were originally published in 1978 & 1980 by Ballantine’s Del Rey imprint, as The Web of Wizardry and The Death God’s Citadel. The series is set in an epic fantasy world where ancient enemy nations must now join forces as reluctant allies to combat a greater encroaching force of evil backed by malicious wizardry, who have already overrun the surrounding neighbours with their strangely enchanted hordes.

This duology consists of two apparently linked but separate self-contained stories with different casts: one a twisty domestic political intrigue and f/m romantic elements, the other an evil-thwarting quest adventure in another land to prevent one wizard from ever reaching theirs.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time @ Amazon

For the first time ever, The Krantin Omnibus collects a duology of beloved epic fantasy novels from author Juanita Coulson.


The Web of Wizardry

They appeared from nowhere … An implacable horde that ravaged the lands of Krantin, slaying and taking their own death wounds in eerie silence.

The only hope for survival lies in an alliance of Royal forces with the fiercely independent desert marauders, the Destre-Y — and with a perilous linkage of all of Krantin’s adepts of magic.

The young Troop-Leader Danaer, Destre-born but sworn to Royal service, is the key to the uneasy partnership of ages-old enemies.

But his love for the enchantress Lira is now imperilling the final confrontation between the malignant enemy sorcerer and the protection of the web of wizardry…

The Death God’s Citadel

Alighting in a new land, Tyrus and Erezjan are no strangers to a life of wandering. They have travelled far and wide across the realm of Krantin, descrying regions from afar.

Now they find themselves integrated into life in a distant and eccentric new province, Couredh. Before long, it becomes obvious that they will not be able to conceal the true nature of their arrival from the locals for long…

Their true mission: to track down a murderous wizard named Vraduir.

Tyrus and Erezjan have set themselves on his trail in an attempt to prevent him from wreaking more havoc and destruction upon the people of Krantin.

But they can’t do it alone…


Author: Alexander the Drake

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