[Free eBook] Trading in Death: Weapons, Warfare and the Modern Arms Race by James Adams [Military Industry History]

Trading in Death: Weapons, Warfare and the Modern Arms Race by English author James Adams, a former Sunday Times journalist who apparently had significant ties to the intelligence community, is his business and technology history of the military-industrial complex, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press.

This was originally published in 1990 by Century Hutchinson and later picked up by Macmillan’s Pan imprint. The book provides an in-depth look at the past and recent history of weapons of modern warfare (up to 1990) and their lucrative worldwide trade, with international case studies and a look at technological and usage developments throughout the decades.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time @ Amazon

The ever-evolving race in selling death…

Modern warfare in the twentieth century has advanced in far greater strides than any other century previously. And as the former political consultant for the Sunday Times, James Adams reveals increasingly political.

In this thoroughly researched book, Adams’ details the different areas of warfare advancements in the modern era.

With numerous case studies, across the years, nations and continents, Adams’ delineates a clear timeline of how ‘selling death’ has changed and altered.

From the organisational, training and bomb advancements made in IRA groups as well as the former guerrilla factions and freedom fighters in Afghanistan and Iran.

From illegal arms deals done in secret by the very superpowers that openly condemned them in up-coming third- and second-world countries.

Adams also illustrates individual advancements in use of chemical weapons in Iraq and Iran; research in biological warfare; and Nuclear programs in America, the former Soviet Union and even India, Israel and Pakistan.

It’s made clear by Adams that deception and armament go hand-in-hand – regardless of whether it’s a single extremist or an entire country.

But the conflict of arms is also one of money and business – large portions of a nations’ economy are often built on multi-million dollar deals in international arms sales.

And as Adams shows, corruption isn’t just limited to moral, ethical or legal lines…

Trading In Death: Weapons, Warfare and The Modern Arms Race is a fantastic, in-depth look at twentieth century warfare.


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