[Free eBook] Dante’s Key by G. L. Baron [Italian Artifact Hunt Conspiracy Thriller]

Dante’s Key by G. L. Baron, a pseudonym for Italian author G. L. Barone is his standalone historical artifact-chasing conspiracy thriller, free for a limited time courtesy of Head of Zeus’ Aria imprint for digital first publications by newer and translated authors.

This was originally published in 2015 by Italian publisher Newton Compton as La chiave di Dante, and is translated by Chloé Ercoli Bannister after having been previously released as a serial in 2013.

The story involves the obligatory Knights Templar, and the key to the Macguffin is hidden within clues in Dante’s Divine Comedy and other Italian works of art, starring a selectively amnesiac professor as the designated academic eccentric to help the Interpol Inspector track down the clues as the body count rises.

Offered in the UK only, at Amazon.

Free for a limited time @ Amazon (offered in the UK only, when I spot-checked, YMMV for your own country)

A lost chest. A clue hidden in the manuscripts of the Divine Comedy. The search for the key begins… Perfect for fans of Scott Mariani and Lee Child.

The year is 1217. A group of eighty Knights Templar cross the icy waters of the Baltic, escorting a chest to an isolated spot in Iceland. Eight hundred years later, someone is about to decipher the clues to its location hidden in the lines of Dante’s Divine Comedy and the paintings of Botticelli, Leonardo and Raphael.

What is so important about the contents of the chest? Many people want to find out, and will stop at nothing to do so. Inspector Sforza of Interpol travels to Paris to investigate the first of several strange deaths. He questions Manuel Cassini, a professor of literature who suffers from a rare form of selective amnesia. Many lives are at stake and, despite his condition, Professor Cassini could be the only one able to unravel this dark mystery before it’s too late…


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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