[Free eBook REPEAT] Frontier Legion by Sydney J. Bounds [Vintage Science Fiction]

Frontier Legion by the late British author Sydney J. Bounds, edited by Philip Harbottle, is a collection of his shorter science fiction works, free again for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture imprint.

The titular novella was originally published in 1952 as a serial in Authentic Science Fiction Magazine, and eight other stories from points throughout his decades-long career (which eventually culminated in the British Fantasy Awards creating the Sydney J. Bounds Award for Best Newcomer) are included as a bonus.

The main story is a old school pulpy sci-fi adventure thriller starring an amnesiac man who wakes up on a spaceship with an important mission to fulfill and enemies in his way, and many of the other stories also explore themes of human relations with space and aliens and technology.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

For the first time in ebook!

Frontier Legion is a gripping science fiction novella, here collected with eight other classic stories from master of the genre Sydney J. Bounds!

Jan Arrowsmith wakes on the spaceship Goliath, suffering from a mysterious loss of memory. He has forgotten who he is, and what lies behind the deep space mission to Pluto.

He learns that as a high-ranking Security Agent, he had asked for a spaceship crew to take him to Pluto, in order to prevent some unknown danger threatening to strike Earth in 7 days’ time.

Vilified as a deserter, he must use all his cunning to evade capture and complete his mission, before it’s too late…

Also including:

The Disappearance. It’s found that Victoria Cray has been killed and eaten by her crew, but who is to blame?

Successor is set in a world that fears takeover by machines. However, when a plague hits base Alpha One they find their attentions should have been focused elsewhere.

Under the Rings of Saturn tells of a ship that has picked up a mutated form of the Influenza virus but when they are turned away by a friendly base they must use all their initiative.

In Advent, aliens teach humans to build machines begin multiplying at an alarming rate. They soon begin providing everything humans need on ‘unlimited credit’ and industry collapses. When will they want to collect their debt?

The News at One taps into one of our biggest fears; that the media is controlled by powers out of our control. When news becomes boring, they must create it themselves.

In First Lesson, three alien craft make contact with Earth, but mysteriously disappear under the ocean. What is it they could want down there?

Sunskimmer is a story of the daredevils who race around the sun. In the world of sunskimming there seems to be no end to the glamourous perks, but it is not without danger.

Swarm of the Red Giant is about two veteran space pilots looking for their friend in the dangerous mass of a Red Giant. They feel they are about to make a discovery that will grant them a fortune, but the reality is much darker…

Originally published as a magazine serial and out of print for more than six decades, Frontier Legion is here published in book form for the very first time, along with eight other classic short stories by a past master of science fiction.


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