[Free eBook] The King’s Bed by Margaret Campbell Barnes [Tudor Historical Drama with Romance]

The King’s Bed by the late English author Margaret Campbell Barnes, is her vintage standalone historical personal drama novel with strong f/m romantic elements, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press.

This was originally published in 1961 by Macdonald & Co. The novel is set in medieval England, taking place during the transition from the Wars of the Roses under Richard III to the Tudor ascension under the future Henry VII.

The story centres around a young woman of commoner birth, who is swept up in turbulent events of the years going by as she becomes enamoured of a young man who is closely involved with them due to a lingering secret which may prove to endanger their lives as well as chance of happiness. NB: Unless you want to be spoiled for the charater’s mysterious secret, which is a pretty significant reveal, avoid reading the customer reviews.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.


Free for a limited time @ Amazon (available worldwide)

For seventeen-year-old Tansy Marsh, life centres upon her father’s inn, The White Boar, in Leicester.

Richard III sits upon the throne of England, and all seems well.

But the threat of the would-be usurper, Henry Tudor, looms like a gathering storm. And soon the eye of that storm is uncomfortably close to Tansy, disrupting her reassuringly ordinary life.

Once King Richard is defeated, that life becomes even less ordinary.

For Tansy has met Dickon Broome, the man who will change her existence forever.

And while life goes on under the Tudor, Dickon has particular reason to bear a grudge.

Meanwhile in Leicester, Tansy’s beloved father dies, and she is left at the mercy of her self-absorbed, self-interested stepmother.

Until her stepmother also dies, in a most horrible way, and Tansy finds herself terrifyingly close to the centre of that drama.

It soon becomes clear that there is nothing more for Tansy in her childhood home. She travels to London, to Dickon, and to a future that will be marked by some of the most noted events in England’s history.

For Dickon, Broome is not quite all that he seems, and the quality that sets him apart forces him to take some difficult decisions; decisions that affect Tansy as much as himself.

While the couple seems happy, Dickon’s secret has the power to destroy them. Will he allow that to happen, or will he come to terms with some of the nation’s most famous historic events, and live out a quiet and happy life with his beloved Tansy?

Only one man can decide.


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