[Free eBook REPEAT] The Glass Warrior by Robert E. Vardeman [Fantasy]

The Glass Warrior by Robert E. Vardeman, a 1972 Hugo Award finalist for Best Fan Writer, in addition to being an author in his own right, is the 1st novel in his The Demon Crown trilogy of epic adventure fantasy, free again for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture Press imprint.

This was originally published in 1989 by Tor Books. The trilogy comprises an epic adventure quest set in the usual sort of fantasy kingdom with disputed rulership, long lost heirs, and a dangerous magical artifact which may be the key to restoring or destroying the land.

This installment starts off the quest as the titular Glass Warrior, who has the magical artifact in her possession and must now go in search of the fabled lost heirs, while avoiding the forces of the rival claimants who would put a stop to her task.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

Lord Dews Gaemock is betrayed and besieged!

The divided kingdom of Porotane in which he lives has been ravaged by a bloody civil war for the last twenty years.

Two factions have been fighting for control of the region and the conflict threatens to destroy any and all within the realm get in the way.

Neither are saints…

To win the war, one side must possess the power Demon Crown, which had been forged by the dark beings as a symbol of their surrender to the mortal inhabitants of Porotane.

Wrought by demons the plain gold circlet is wondrously magical, and in the wrong hands it is pure evil.

To end the war the Glass Warrior must find the twin heirs of the dead king of Porotane – Lokenna and Lorens – and restore them to the throne.

The twins have been missing for twenty years, now the Demon Crown is missing and only the Glass Warrior can bring them together.

The Glass Warrior – in whose possession the Demon Crown is, and whose task it is to reunite the lost, noble twins and reinstate them with what is rightfully theirs – dispatches all those who came after her and the Crown. Her skill and knowledge with the sword are outmatched by none…

Thankfully she doesn’t have to undertake this journey alone.

She has the help of two seemingly simple thieves of stout hearts with whom she takes on the many perils of the quest at hand…


Author: Alexander the Drake

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