[Free eBook] Mothers: Their Power and Influence by Ann Dally [Vintage Psychology & Self-Help]

Mothers: Their Power and Influence by the late English author Ann Dally, a psychiatrist turned medical historian, is her vintage behavioural psychology book, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ The Odyssey Press imprint.

This was originally published in 1976 by Weidenfeld and Nicolson. This was intended at the time (during the 1970s) to be an accessibly-written in-depth guide to parent and child behaviours and environmental influences intended to aid mothers to better understand the psychological underpinnings of their relationships with their children.

The text draws upon the author’s extensive observations from her psychiatric practice, with true accounts of the mothers and children she encountered, as well as selected excerpts from literary authors who wrote expressively about the effects of their own relationships with their mothers.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.


Free for a limited time @ Amazon (available worldwide)

A unique bond

Dr Ann Dally, a practising psychiatrist, provides an in-depth perspective on mothers, based on her experience observing mothers at a personal level.

Her perspective is intended to provide mothers, and new mothers, with a deeper understanding of the forces that may at times seem irrational.

She explores the three stages of motherhood: enclosure, extension and separation and stresses that it is important to understand these stages to be able to identify certain behavioural patterns.

Although there are a variety of other factors, understanding the mother-child relationship does play a significant role.

Included throughout the book are true accounts of Dr Ann Dally’s encounters with mothers and children, as well as excerpts from well-known works from D.H. Lawrence and Philip Roth, who both wrote about their own ‘enclosing’ mothers.

Going beyond the three stages of mothering, Dr Ann Dally covers the three types of environment that tie in with the stages of mothering.

This important analysis provides a further understanding of how the mother’s behaviour, along with the environment that surrounds the child, impacts a child’s future.

Mothers: Their Power and Influence sheds light on a variety of perspectives and really explores the dynamics and behaviours that make up mother/child relationships.


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