[Free eBook] Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Cate Woods [Chick-Lit Comedy with LGBT Romance]

Just Haven’t Met You Yet by British author Cate Woods is her chick-lit personal discovery novel with strong romantic comedy elements (both f/m and f/f), free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Quercus.

This was last week’s featured Free Book of the Week in the iTunes UK store, but is still free at the moment in multiple stores.

The story is centred around humorously exploring the meaning of interpersonal relationships, as a woman with a seemingly idyllic life is approached by an up-and-coming “soulmates” company to test out their perfect match data, which apparently leads to some surprising personal revelations, given that she’s already in a relationship. NB: The reviews say this was full of twists and had a surprising ending, so it may not necessarily end in a standard romantic HEA with either the f/m or f/f love interests. YMMV.

Offered in the UK & Europe, available at multiple retailers.

Free for a limited time @ Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, iTunes (this appeared to only be free in the UK & EU, but not anywhere else that I spot-checked, though YMMV for your own locale at assorted stores)

The laugh-out loud romcom with THE TWIST YOU WON’T SEE COMING! Perfect for fans of Jo Thomas and Jenny Oliver.

Percy James has everything a girl could want: a comfy flat, a steady relationship and a truly lovely group of friends. Then she is approached by Eros Tech. Eros is ‘the future of love’ – an agency that brings together soulmates using phone data. Percy has been identified as a match for one of Eros’s super wealthy clients. The only problem is she already has a boyfriend . . . but what if this is destiny? Would you – could you – pass up a chance to meet your one true love?

Coming soon from Cate Woods: More Than a Feeling. The laugh-out-loud follow up to Just Haven’t Met You Yet!


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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