[Free eBook REPEAT] Stone of Blood by Juanita Coulson [Gothic Suspense Horror]

Stone of Blood by author and noted filksinger Juanita Coulson is her contemporary gothic supernatural suspense/horror novel, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture imprint.

This was originally published in 1975 by Ballantine’s Beagle Books imprint as #3 in their Birthstone Gothic line. The story is set in the Deep South, on a showboat said to be haunted by a long-ago Native American chieftain’s daughter who died under mysterious circumstances, where after a series of disturbing incidents, the star entertainer uncovers the terrifying truth behind her demise.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

A showboat of death…

The cause of Sarah Shreck’s tragedy has been a mystery for over a century. The Indian chieftain’s daughter, callously betrayed by her husband, was found dead near the place where her present-day namesake, the showboat Indian Princess, lay at anchor.

When Lyssa du Champ is hired as new star singer on the extravagant boat, she is relieved to have left Chicago and a failed relationship behind her.

But when she arrives at Linder’s Landing she is troubled by a strange presence and cannot ignore the peculiar atmosphere between her new colleagues. Violent lovers, affairs and a young child who is frequently abandoned to face her seizures make Lyssa question whether this is the right place for her…

The death of Sarah is regarded as local legend and time has failed to unlock the riddle of her disappearance. Yet it has also failed to banish her presence from the boat. Lonely ghost-like moans filter up from the lower decks and there is an outbreak of unexplained accidents. Items go missing, warnings are received and a lethal dog breaks free of his chain.

Is there someone else who can hear Sarah? And what is the message she is trying to send?

When a suicide prompts the revelation of ghastly secrets and unleashes dangerous rivalries, Lyssa discovers the terrifying truth about her predecessor’s apparent suicide.

Stone of Blood is a gripping supernatural horror set in the Deep South from Juanita Coulson, bestselling author of the Children of the Stars series.


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