[Free eBook] Dynamite’s Daughter by Philip Harbottle [Western]

Dynamite’s Daughter by British author Philip Harbottle is his standalone western historical action adventure novel, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Pioneering imprint.

This was originally published in 2000 by Robert Hale as part of their Black Horse Western line. and based on a story by the late John Russell Fearn.

The story stars a young woman once left for dead embarking on a mission of revenge against the man who left her and her father to die as part of his scheme to take over a town, going undercover in disguise to ruin him as much as she can before he catches on.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

Left for dead…

As a young girl, Susan Walters is left to die in the desert with her father, ‘Dynamite’ Walters.

This cruel punishment comes at the hands of Iron Fist Jackson, a wicked tyrant who will stop at nothing in his cruel scheming to seize control of Canyon Town.

But, unbeknownst to Jackson, Susan survives the harrowing ordeal.

Now a grown woman, she dedicates her life to avenging the death of her father.

Taking down the gun-happy dictator of Canyon Town won’t prove easy.

But Susan is not a woman to be trifled with, with combat skills to rival the strongest of men.

She resolutely decides to ruin Jackson – financially, mentally and physically.

Under a false identity, Susan masquerades as a girl looking for a husband and Jackson walks right into her trap.

Now she has him firmly in her sights, she endeavours to enact her terrible revenge.

But it’s only a matter of time before Jackson discovers her true motives and identity.

And can one woman alone take down one of the most evil dictators the West has ever known?

One thing is for sure – neither party are going down without a fight.

Dynamite’s Daughter is out for revenge and nothing will stand in her way…

The perfect read for fans of Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey.


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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