[Free eBook REPEAT] Taxi Rojo by Erik Orrantia [Latino & LGBT Literary Fiction]

Taxi Rojo by Erik Orrantia, a Lambda Literary Award winner, is his contemporary literary fiction novel, free again for a limited time courtesy of LGBT specialty publisher publisher Lethe Press.

This is a literary fiction novel with themes of Latino and LGBT identity exploration, centred around the aftermath of a local disaster in Tijuana, Mexico. The story tells how an unlikely group of individuals who are affected by it—a mix of characters from various genders, orientations, and walks of life—find their lives changing and intertwining in various surprising ways, narratively examining their relationships to each other and their surrounding communities and culture.

Offered DRM-free, available worldwide at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available DRM-free worldwide @ Amazon

There’s a lengthy interview with the author about the influences on his novels over at the official Lambda Literary Award site, if you’re interested.

Tijuana: melting pot of Mexico, gateway to Baja California. Two million souls struggle for survival, each searching for a way to become…something, anything better. Fate brings a few strangers together one night in a crowded taxi rojo. When the red taxi crashes down a canyon, it creates a connection between the passengers that, like the international border within sight of the crash, draws a line between triumph and defeat, hopelessness and perseverance, life and death.

Boyfriends Rigo and Cristian confront their demons when a supposedly innocuous tryst gets out of control. Pancha looks for love in a complex world of ambiguous gender and sexual identity. Toni’s biggest problem is self-acceptance in a culture that has ingrained in him the idea that real men are macho and self-sufficient. Julia’s faith is challenged as she toils to make a living and support her disabled sister, while feeling paralyzed by her sense of responsibility and lingering guilt.

Even in Tijuana, light can be found in the darkness. Facing fears and giving of oneself pave the road to strength and freedom, while stubbornness and denial lead only to demise. Erik Orrantia is the Lambda Literary Award winning author of Normal Miguel.


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