[Free eBook] Mercy Killing by Lisa Cutts [Police Procedural Crime Thriller]

Mercy Killing by British author Lisa Cutts, is her standalone police procedural crime thriller, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Simon & Schuster UK.

The story is set in the UK, and features the mildly unusual case of police officers investigating the murder of a despicable sex offender, which apparently plays around with genre expectations of victim sympathy.

Offered in the UK only, available at multiple retailers.

Free for a limited time @ Amazon Kobo, Google Play, iTunes (this appeared to only be free in the UK only, but not anywhere else that I spot-checked, though YMMV for your own locale at assorted stores)

The death of a local sex offender places the police officers at East Rise incident room under immense pressure – they must treat this case like any other murder, but they know what Albie Woodville did and can feel little sympathy. Except, as the investigation progresses, it becomes clear this isn’t just a one-off killing – someone is out for revenge …


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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