[Free eBook] ChiZine 150th Canada Day Giveaway [Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Poetry]

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, for today only on Canada Day, Canadian small press specialty publisher ChiZine Publications is holding a giveaway of all their ebooks from their Canadian authors for free (modest pay-what-you-want donation suggested).

Their catalogue includes many award-nominated and -winning genre authors, both local and international. Although the bulk of it is tilted towards horror, there’s also a generous selection of fantasy, science fiction, paranormal mystery, and even some sfnal literary fiction and poetry in the lot. Overall, the selection is quite high quality (and you shouldn’t miss picking up the offered Imaginarium anthology volumes of yearly best-of feature short stories) and anything you pick up will likely be pretty decent (click on the covers to go to the descriptions of the books). Some of the download filesizes are very large, so be warned.

I especially recommend out of the authors I’ve previously bought: Quebec author Claude Lalumière (excellent multi-genre short stories), Caitlin Sweet (some traditionally epic fantasy, some mythologically-based), Gemma Files (steampunk magical western with LGBT elements, also horror shorts), Nancy Baker (dark fantasy with legendary creatures), Geoff Ryman (Hugo nominee for science fiction, but he has a fantasy novel in this), Quebec author Yves Meynard (Aurora Award-winner with quite good multi-genre short stories).

Offered DRM-free worldwide through July 1st, 2017 until midnight Eastern Time, directly at the publisher’s special promo page and you can read more about it at the announcement on their blog.


Author: Alexander the Drake

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