[Free eBook] Star Cluster Seven by Alex Random [Science Fiction]

Star Cluster Seven by Alex Random, a pseudonym for British author Donald S. Rowland, is his vintage standalone science fiction adventure, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture imprint.

This was originally published in 1974 by Robert Hale as part of their Hale SF line. The story stars a former rising Star Fleet Command captain who is suddenly falsely accused of smuggling and exiled, who will do anything to find out who framed him and clear his name.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

Rex Alston was a rising star in Star Fleet Command. The Captain was Star Fleet’s golden boy and had everything he wanted from life when a sudden left-field court martial changed everything.

Accused of smuggling, he was sentenced to 20 years of exile despite maintaining his innocence. Exiles have no rights and Alston was forced to eke out a living as a park attendant, constantly chafing under the knowledge that he was framed.

But at least he wasn’t exiled to a penal colony, where life expectancy dropped to a couple of years.

After four years of exile, he had the opportunity to come again before the board and the planetary Governor and have his sentence reviewed – and hopefully commuted.

Rejected once again, Alston can no longer take it and vows to find whoever framed him for the smuggling.

Unknown to him, the entity that framed him is back to finish the job, and ensure that he never goes free, never returns to Star Fleet. Framed for more crimes, Alston finds an ally in Carmel Paine, the Governor’s daughter who’s hopelessly in love with him.

However, that alliance also comes with an enemy, Captain Graham, Alston’s rival in Star Fleet and now the Governor’s head of security.

Alston no longer has anything to lose and will do whatever it takes to clear his name and find out who did this to him.

Alston wants his life back, once and for all…


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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