[Free eBook] Dark Armageddon by John Glasby [Lovecraftian Sci-Fi Horror Thriller]

Dark Armageddon by the late British author John Glasby is the 3rd novel in his The Dark Armageddon trilogy of Lovecraftian science fiction horror thrillers, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture imprint.

This trilogy is one of Venture’s original publications, posthumously selected from Glasby’s extensive literary estate, and actually based on the extended Lovecraft mythos, using elements such as Great Old One Cthugha (from August Derleth’s additions; fun fact: the Wikipedia article for Cthugha has a quote from one of Glasby’s vintage pulp stories featuring him) and classic settings such as Miskatonic University.

The trilogy mingles the Cthulhu mythos with conspiracy thriller elements, starring a number of individuals previously recruited into what turned out to be a plucky secret Organisation of intellectuals trying to keep the stars from coming right and allowing the invasion of unthinkable horrors from deep space. This installment wraps up the tale of their desperate efforts traveling throughout time and space to prevent the worst from befalling the Earth.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

The Old Ones have awoken. The end is seemingly near…

But the Organisation, a group of professors and intellectuals, still try against all odds to defeat these ancient gods of evil.

While some members of the Organisation remain on earth, trying to manage and control the ever-present danger, others have travelled to the far reaches of outer-space. Vincent Trevelyan and his companions try to uncover and learn as much as possible for anything that can help them.

Racing against time and with forces far greater than they could ever imagine, the Organisation must work out how to stop the Old Ones before the Earth and the universe as they know it is wiped out of existence.

John Glasby’s final novel in his saga The Dark Armageddon is unforgettably gripping.


Author: Alexander the Drake

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