[Free eBook] A Symphony of Storms by Robert E. Vardeman [Epic Quest Fantasy]

A Symphony of Storms by Robert E. Vardeman, a 1972 Hugo Award finalist for Best Fan Writer, in addition to being an author in his own right, is the 3rd novel in his The Demon Crown trilogy of epic adventure quest fantasy, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture imprint.

This was originally published in 1990 by Tor. The trilogy is set in the usual sort of fantasy land where a lost heir must be found and restored to the disputed throne with the aid of a magical artifact.

This story follows the aftermath of two such restoration quests, which have yielded a corrupted king and then his potential replacement twin, who seems to be a suitable queen but whose beginning reign is plagued by treachery and civil war from her ousted brother-king’s faction, leading to the third and final quest for the aid of a legendary wizard to help save the realm.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

The third and final instalment of the gripping, Demon Crown trilogy.

Santon and Vered have found Lorens’ twin sister, Lokenna. She, with royal blood, is the last chance of hope in the now, all but totally destroyed kingdom or Porotane.

They find her working as a barmaid under her oafish, feeble-minded husband, Bane Pandasso. A timid and passive woman who leads a simple life. Not a queen yet…

With the aid of the stolen Demon Crown, Lokenna is transformed from the diffident wife that Pandosso had known into a mighty and fair queen. She can see!

The band of travellers moves stealthily between vying rebel militias and royalist armies, all out to kill them and reclaim the crown for themselves.

Meanwhile, Lorens, in lacking the powerful Demon Crown, has been chased from the castle and now moves with his armies in search of the Vered and Santon, whom he believes possess what he seeks.

When Lorens and Lokenna meet, the new queen convinces her twin brother to help them gain safe passage back to the castle. However, she is betrayed by her weak husband, Pandosso who attempts to bargain with the corrupt king.

Locked in the castle dungeon, the fellowship have only one choice; to seek out the powerful and mysterious Wizard of Storms, Kaga’klab.


Author: Alexander the Drake

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