[Free eBook] Sweeter Than Wine by L. Neil Smith [Paranormal Fantasy Thriller]

Sweeter Than Wine by L. Neil Smith, a frequent finalist for the Prometheus Award for Libertarian SF, is his standalone modern-day vampire novel, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Phoenix Pick Press.

This is their featured Free Book of the Month selection for May, and was originally released in 2011 as an online serial on the Phoenix Pick Press website, before being compiled into the complete novel edition.

The story stars a rather mundane vampire who lives a very ordinary, quiet sort of respectable blending-in life until one day, the mysterious woman who made him what he is reappears and needs his help, and whether this is a good or bad thing is something he’s about to find out.

Offered worldwide through May, available DRM-free directly from the publisher.

Free for a limited time until the end of May, available worldwide @ the publisher’s dedicated promo page (DRM-free ePub & Mobi available worldwide, requires valid email address; follow the instructions on the page to reset the price in the cart to $0.00 during checkout)

The tie-in offer is for a bundle of 9 more of his assorted novels for just $9.99, most backlist from the 1980s/90s and nominated or winners of the Prometheus Award for Libertarian SF, across several subgenres including an sfnal murder mystery. At just over $1 each, this is very good value for money if you happen to enjoy his writing or wish to try more.

With just one tiny exception, J Gifford is an ordinary, decent, small-town kind of guy. He pays his bills on time. He waters his lawn. He treats his neighbors and the folks with whom he does business with kindness and respect. He’s good to children and small animals.

The tiny exception? He’s a vampire.

Born in 1920, and “brought over” shortly after D-Day in a little French village, 90-year-old Gifford still looks and feels 24. He has friends, a place in the community, a thriving business, and a big orange tabby cat named Fiddlestring. He knows where all the good restaurants are. He’s very tidy about that “tiny exception” and has never killed anybody. All he lacks in his life is the beautiful girl who made him what he is today — and then mysteriously vanished.

Now, suddenly, after sixty-five years, she’s back and needs his help. But is she his long-lost love or a serial-killing fiend? Only time and blood will tell.


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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