[Free eBook] Ôrinstar by Peter Helton [Epic Quest Fantasy]

Ôrinstar (also credited as The Ôrinstar of Angâron) by German expat UK-resident author Peter Helton, known for writing assorted mystery series, is the 1st novel in his Dark Hunger series of epic fantasy, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture imprint.

This is one of Venture’s original publications by newer (or at least new-to-the-genre) authors. The story is a standard fantasy tale set in the usual sort of land which is under threat of dominion by the the encroaching forces of the all-devouring Dark Lord, wherein a ragtag band of characters hastily thrown together by circumstance find themselves journeying in search of a magical power which may prevent this, learning lessons and building friendships during the course of their adventures.

This one starts with a dwarf on a mission to jailbreak the apparent Chosen One who unknowingly holds the key to saving the realm from destruction, gathering more members of their band as they go on the run from the local law and discover more about the titular artifact they will eventually seek.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

In a world wrought with darkness and swarming with the evil forces of the dark lord, Únghôr, the realm of Angâron is the last bastion of free peoples, not yet under Únghôr’s dominion.

A dwarf by the name of Dáblik, escaping a losing battle on the continent of Táres, is sent by the wizard Vîndhar through a World Gate to Angâron in search of Ándra who, unbeknown to himself, holds the key to saving Angâron from destruction.

Dáblik finds Ándra lingering in the debtor’s jail of the local baron. The dwarf enlists the help of Sórin, Ándra’s closest friend, to break him out and their hopeless quest begins.

With the help of the mysterious and enchanting witch, Élhima, and the down-at-heel conjuror, Rôkin, they manage to escape from the baron’s prison and flee into the vast Latwood.

Yet it is not only the baron’s men who hunt them; the real danger stalking them is a nárôgh, a terrifying dark mage, sent by Únghôr to devour Angâron’s last hope. Hard on their heels too are other servants of the enemy, and not all are easily recognised (or as ugly) as woodgoblins and tunnel ogres.

To his dismay Ándra finds that his fate is closely bound up with that of the witch Élhima and the desperate fight to defend Angâron.

Together they must uncover a repository of power called the Ôrinstar, their only hope to defeat the forces now being mustered against Angâron.

But what is the Ôrinstar?

And how can they hope to find in time a thing they know so little about?

As the world darkens around them and they are pressed hard by the agents of the enemy, they must learn to rely on each other’s strengths and talents, make strange alliances and learn to tread dangerous paths.


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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