[Free eBook] Harry Doing Good by W. H. Canaway [Literary Crime Thriller]

Harry Doing Good by the late English author W. H. Canaway, a novelist and screenwriter who had one of his own novels adapted into film, is his vintage literary psychological crime thriller, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour’s The Odyssey Press imprint.

This was originally published in 1973 by Hutchinson & Co. This is a literary fiction thriller novel which explores the psychological effects of a crime and its aftermath.

The story is centred around a youth club hiking expedition which has the misfortune to interrupt the activities of a group of sheep-stealing psychopaths on a mountain plateau in Wales, leading to an unforgettable encounter that will prove nearly as deadly for its survivors as its victims.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.


Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

‘Do-gooders,’ says Harry Eckington, ‘do better’. And no one does more good than Harry himself…

As he sets off for a holiday in Snowdonia with his oddly assorted group of young friends, rescued from the youth club, all seems set fair for a healthy, invigorating, uplifting week in the mountains, in spite of their individual handicaps.

There is Cheryl’s withered hand, for instance, marring her peaches and cream beauty; and the jagged red blotch that streaks across Ann’s throat; and there are Simon’s turns, though everyone optimistically believes he has been doing better lately.

Peter suffers from a frustrating home atmosphere and a set of false teeth, while Linda’s seemingly unshakeable Christian calm hides the traumatic memory of an assault when she was twelve years old.

As for Harry himself, he’s not quite as much of a saint as they all think…

But, as they leave for Snowdonia, they are united in their deep beliefs, their loyalty to each other, and their admiration for the selfless quality of Harry’s leadership — though this last soon comes under question as their holiday begins to go badly wrong.

Everything might have been fine if they had not been forestalled by a crew of sheep-stealing psychopaths, whose criminal plans are completely overset by the unexpected arrival of the friends on the same remote plateau.

The confrontation escalates rapidly, leading to a tragedy of violence, rape, and murder — and yet the horror does not end when Snowdonia is left behind.

Instead, the aftermath of the mountain tragedy takes a toll nearly as deadly on the survivors…

Harry Doing Good is a chilling literary thriller filled with tension and suspense that will keep you gripping on.


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