[Free eBook] When the Wind Blows by Marguerite Steen [Vintage Literary Novel]

When the Wind Blows by the late British author Marguerite Steen, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature whose works enjoyed a period of popularity in the 1930s and 1940s, is her vintage standalone literary drama novel, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour’s The Odyssey Press imprint.

This was originally published in 1931 by Cassell and Company. This novel is set on a South Atlantic island, which has changed very little since missionaries have settled upon it to convert the locals in the late 19th century, even as the world beyond its shores has moved on to the post-WWI period.

The story is centred around the enduring spirit of a young woman growing up who is attuned to the island environment but a misfit to the settler community, whose harsh treatment by her parents and elders leads to troubles on the antiquated island, which is forever changed when she meets the passengers of a shipwreck from the modern outside world.

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Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

On Calvary, the wind never stops…

In the south Atlantic Ocean, sits the island of El Secredo – named Calvary by the first missionary settlers.

Little has changed in Calvary since Jebusa Horne first landed on the island and proclaimed it fit for Christendom, in the late 19th century.

The world, meanwhile, has been through a Great War; prohibition and the jazz age have been and gone…

When Reverend Smith Prudhomme and his wife came to continue the missionary on Calvary, at worse the Reverend had been warned of ‘Calvary beer’.

What he didn’t expect was Sanchia Mullyon.

Even as a child, Sanchia was different from the rest of the islanders.

Spirited, questioning and highly imaginative, the islanders’ were disturbed by her apparent wildness – as wild as the winds that batter Calvary.

Scared by her, both her parents and other elders tried to literally beat what they see is the ‘devil’ out of Sanchia.

But cruelty begets cruelty and Sanchia becomes known for her brutal cruelness – both from her strength and her words.

The only thing Sanchia seems affected by is the island and its animals; it’s well known she can’t bear to see the suffering of animals.

Sanchia is now of marriageable age. And on an island that has an influx of men, women are highly prized.

She was promised in her cradle, to Gregory Jodrell; but in her usual fashion, Sanchia refuses to marry not only him, but also any other Calvary man.

With a sense of unease in the island community, Reverend Smith is unsure of how to approach the problem.

Moreover, Sanchia and by extension, his sympathetic wife Mrs Prudhomme, are chipping away at his once narrow minded views…

Then one stormy night, Sanchia in fear for her life, demands to be married to Gregory, right then and there.

Even though it flies in face of all tradition, bordering on insulting, Reverend Smith marries them anyway.

If the Islanders had hoped it would ‘tame’ Sanchia, they were wrong. If anything, she’s tamed Gregory.

And when a shipwreck lands the writer, Miss Lenox Robbins, and a mysterious man who can’t talk on their shores, Calvary and Sanchia are forever changed…

A gripping and intense novel, When The Wind Blows is a tale of a woman’s fortitude in the face of her home and community.


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