[Free eBook] The Roar of the Tiger by Annie Ayre [Historical Comedy Novel]

The Roar of the Tiger by Annie Ayre, a pseudonym for author Rosemary Kingsland, is her satirical literary historical novel, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ The Odyssey Press imprint.

This was originally published in 1985 by Penguin’s Viking imprint under the title After the Ball Was Over using the Rosemary Kingsland name. This is a farcical comedy set in the fictional English settler township of Jamalpur in Northern India in the 1930s (the author herself was born and raised in India before her family resettled in the UK), which maintains the equipment of a railway company. The story focuses on the various eccentric characters who both live there and are brought in by the trains, and the many odd things that happen in and around and because of them.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

Northern India, 1930

In the fictional English township of Jamalpur is a railway station on the East Indian Railway Loopline.

It is the workshop for maintaining the rolling stock of the entire East Indian Railway company.

Covering a good fifty square miles of flat land in the middle of a purple plain, it grows each year, sprawling aimlessly across the landscape.

A marble statue of Queen Victoria stands in the town square; and in the hills above, there is a strange black boulder that remarkably resembles the Empress of All India.

It is the training ground for Railway personnel, both official lower class, and the worker, graded according to sports ability, colour, caste, and education, in that order. The real quality bosses were the covenanted, straight out from Blighty wallahs; worshipped, feared, and greatly envied. Every mother with daughters prays nightly for single men to arrive.

Everyone in town is either sex-mad or plain loony.

At church services, Sgt. O’Leary leaves his place beside his mistress, Mrs. Ray, to fondle the beautiful organist, Jane, in mid-hymn, despite her cries of outrage. The town’s richest man, Mr. Edwards, comes home to find his daughter standing on one leg and tweeting under the impression that she is a bird.

New oddities arrive, seemingly, on each train. An unhinged clergyman, the Rev. Morgan, comes to take the place of the clergyman who tipples and a blonde adventuress hits town with claims upon the manager of the local club, where the annual ball of the Railroad Apprentices is to take place.

The weather grows ominous. Menacing growls are heard from up in the hills. And not long afterwards, a blonde head and a dismembered body is fished in neatly tied parcels out of the Maidan Lake…

The Roar of the Tiger is a sparkling comic novel that highlights the conflicts, rivalries, and erotic complications that disturb the orderly surface of Jamalpur, with devastating results…

The Roar of the Tiger was originally published as After the Ball Was Over.


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