[Free eBook] The Wells of Ythan Quartet by Marc Alexander [Epic Fantasy Omnibus]

The Wells of Ythan Quartet: Books 1-4 by New Zealand author Marc Alexander comprises all four novels in his Wells of Ythan quartet of epic fairy tale-esque adventure fantasy, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture Press imprint.

This omnibus edition contains Ancient Dreams, Magic Casements, Shadow Realm, and Enchantment’s End, which were originally published by Headline between 1988 and 1992. quartet of epic fairy tale-esque adventure fantasy The story involves an apprentice toymaker’s quest to find a vanished princess who is the key to freeing the land from an evil usurper, and restore her to her rightful throne with the help of his companions.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.


Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

For the first time ever, The Wells of Ythan Quartet collects four beloved fantasy novels from author Marc Alexander.

A new power will rise…

The Wells of Ythan Quartet includes:

Ancient Dreams

Once, the kingdom of Ythan was great and prosperous.

But then, a Princess, the sole heir to the kingdom, disappeared.

As time passed many lost hope that their Lady Eloria could or would return. The Golden Age crumbled in despair.

Now, she has faded into legend. Ythan has fallen to the hands of the corrupt and the greedy. With its glory long gone, Ythan has become a place of terror and evil.

Under the tyrannical reign of the Regent, every corner of this great land is suffering.

But amidst the darkness of the realm, there is a glimmer of hope.

Could the princess be found? Could order and peace be restored?

Magic Casements

The task of finding the lost princess has fallen to unlikely hands: an apprentice toymaker, a spoiled young nobleman, a court jester and a motley crew of misfits.

But the evil has turned on itself, the corruption gnawing at its own innards; and now the Regent of Danaak, afflicted with a creeping, sorcerous horror, can find hope only in the waters of the legendary Wells of Ythan.

Shadow Realm

The city of Thaan has fallen to the tyrannical sway of the Regent. His dark, evil power creates a shadow over the land.

But still, the quest for the lost Princess Livia continues.

The only hope for Ythan now lies at the end of the Pilgrim Path, in restoring Livia to the Empty Throne…

Now, Krispin, Alwald, Ognam, and Gambal have reached the mage’s tower and seek a way to find the princess.

Enchantment’s End

The Quartet reaches its thrilling conclusion!

The Regent, currently ruling with malicious, ambivalent authority over the kingdom, travels to the enchanted springs to restore his health and continue his evil reign of power. He is poisoned, almost to death, and must seek out this cure.

The questers must fight against all odds to restore the Princess to her rightful place. But once they do, that is when the real battle will begin.

The fight for the future of Ythan … or its doom.


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