[Free eBook] A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford [High Society Drama Novel with Romance]

A Woman of Substance by author Barbara Taylor Bradford is the 1st novel in her Emma Harte series of dramatic family sagas with strong f/m romantic elements, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher HarperCollins’s Harper imprint.

This was originally published in 1979 by Doubleday and was a bestseller back in the day, adapted into a popular TV miniseries. The series is one of those epic generational dramatic sagas centred around the lives and loves and fortunes and misfortunes of the women in a particular high-society family. This story establishes the early trials and eventual rags-to-riches rise to fortune of the strong-willed woman who would become the Harte family matriarch.

Offered in the UK and other selected countries worldwide (excluding North America), available at multiple retailers.

Free for a limited time throughout @ Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play This was free in the UK at all retailers, and also Japan via at least iTunes when I spot-checked but not Europe, Oceania, South or North America. YMMV in your locale at different stores, so it might be worth it to switch around the country codes in the URLs to see if it’s free for your region.

The unputdownable multi-million copy bestseller charting the rags to riches story of Emma Harte

In 1905 a young kitchen maid leaves Fairley Hall. Emma Harte is sixteen, single and pregnant.

By 1968 she is one of the richest women in the world, ruler of a business empire stretching from Yorkshire to the glittering cities of America and the rugged vastness of Australia. But what is the price she has paid?

A Woman of Substance is as impossible to put down as it is to forget. This multi-million copy bestseller is truly a novel of our times.


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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