[Free eBook] Fortune, My Foe: A Novel of Sir Walter Raleigh by Geoffrey Trease [Historical Fiction]

Fortune, My Foe: A Novel of Sir Walter Raleigh by the late British author Geoffrey Trease, who was honoured with a fellowship in the Royal Society of Literature, is his vintage standalone historical autobiographical novel (possibly young adult), free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Odyssey imprint.

This was originally published in Methuen by 1949. Although the new publisher does not categorize it as such, this may be a young adult reading-level novel, as Trease (who wrote Cue for Treason, one of my favourite classic historical kidlit adventure novels which I read in school while growing up) was best known for his contributions to children’s literature, although he did also write adult-level fiction and non-fiction. This tells the story of the famous Elizabethan era explorer Sir Walter Raleigh, from his boyhood to his rise and fall in fortunes at the court, and his various adventures and journeys.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

The Life of a Legend

Respected author Geoffrey Trease gives a unique insight into the life of Sir Walter Raleigh, charting his rise to fortune, his fall from grace and everything in between.

Once a trusted courtier, next a convicted criminal, Raleigh was at once beloved and despised…he led a life unlike any other.

Trease tells a true-life adventure story, reliably building characters, setting and action from historical evidence.

From his boyhood in Devon and his growing ambition and determination to make his fortune, Raleigh was a man of action and ability, equally home at sea or in court.

Fortune my Foe is an enlightening historical account of a man who achieved greatness through adversity and enjoyed few of the fruits of success.


Author: Alexander the Drake

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