[Free eBook] The Multillionth Chance by John Russell Fearn [Vintage Science Fiction]

The Multillionth Chance by the late British author John Russell Fearn, edited by Philip Harbottle, is a collection of two vintage science fiction novellas, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture imprint.

The titular novella was originally published in 1946 in Thrilling Wonder Stories magazine, and the second novella, The Last Secret Weapon, originally appeared in 1941 in Marvel Stories magazine using the pseudonym Polton Cross. Both stories appear to deal with themes of unusual scientific discovery leading to potential war.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

For the first time in ebook, two novellas from master of the genre John Russell Fearn.

When a freak accident during an experiment causes a mysterious girl to appear, scientists are left wondering where she came from and why they cannot understand her.

She turns out to be from an ancient, astral civilisation and her materialisation is down to the magic of entropy, the multillionth chance.

Through telepathy, she shows them the history of her planet and how her people were relegated to a barren planet nearby.

A brutal civil war ensues.

However, that doesn’t explain how she got there, nor does it explain the feeling of déjà vu experienced by her closest ally of the scientists, Mayson Grant…

In The Last Secret Weapon, the crazed plans of world domination held by the unstable and power hungry Dr Kronheim come to fruition.

He gains possession of the plans to a new type of bomb that could wreak destruction upon the entire world.

Hell-bent on bringing about an end to democracy and, in particular, the United States of America, he disposes of all those who oppose his new, brutal regime.

Only Val turner and his tenacious wife have the understanding to save what little remains of humanity.

Kronheim himself can’t even comprehend the sheer biblical proportions of carnage he has created.

The Multillionth Chance is a gripping collection of two science fiction novellas. Sure to delight fans of the genre.


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