[Free eBook & Audiobook] Tal by Henrik Kragh Sørensen [Danish Mathematics Academic Essay]

Tal (Number) by Henrik Kragh Sørensen, an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at Aarhus University, is the 47th in the Tænkepauser (Thinking Breaks) series of Danish-language accessibly-written short essays meant to introduce academic topics to a general audience, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Aarhus University Press in Denmark.

This essay apparently explains the fiddlier points of numbers and various related mathematical concepts such as infinity and how “guess my number” games work, for the non-numerically inclined.

Offered through March 13th, available DRM-free worldwide with an accompanying MP3 audiobook.

Free for a limited time throughout March 13th directly @ the university’s catalogue page (DRM-free ePub & PDF available worldwide; for the MP3 audiobook scroll down to where it says “Om bogen” and “Download … som lydbog gratis”)

If you are interested in the history of mathematics and can read Danish, the author maintains a dedicated blog about that subject, as well as resources for some other related matters on his personal website.

Description (in Danish)
1, 2, 3 og så videre i 1 uendelighed. Men så nemt er det bogstaveligt talt ikke at holde tal på tallene. Der er nemlig ikke bare 1 uendelighed i tallenes verden, men faktisk uendeligt mange uendeligheder. Alene tallene mellem 0 og 1 vil det være umuligt for de fleste mellem 0 og 100 at sætte tal på. Måske lige med undtagelse af Henrik Kragh Sørensen, 1 talnørd fra Aarhus Universitet. På side 6 kan han endda forudsige, at det tal, du tænker på, er 42. Men rolig nu, han kan ikke læse hver eneste tanke, du får; han er bare god til at regne den ud.


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