[Free eBook] Adventures: Volume I: 1922-1926 by Mike Resnick [SFnal Historical Pulp Fiction Satire]

Adventures: Volume I: 1922-1926 by Mike Resnick, a prolific Hugo & Nebula Award-winning author, is the 1st collection in his The Chronicles of Lucifer Jones series of satirical sfnal pulp fiction adventure tales, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Phoenix Pick Press.

This was originally published in 1985 by Signet’s New American Library imprint. The series consists of retro-historical interconnected short stories starring an unrepentant conman plying his trade in situations which comedically spoof old school pulp fiction adventure tropes, including encounters with science fiction and fantasy elements such as aliens and dragons (not in this particular volume, IIRC). Each volume takes our “hero” to a different continent, and this one has stories set mostly in and around Africa during the 1920s, and features cameo appearances from pastiches of classic characters such as Tarzan. NB: although the send-ups of unfortunately period-accurate social and other prejudices are mostly meant as satire, YMMV if you understandably just don’t want to read about stereotypical colonialist and sexist attitudes in your leisure entertainment.

Offered DRM-free worldwide through the month of February, directly from the publisher as their Free Book of the Month selection.

Free for a limited time through February directly @ the publisher’s special promo page (DRM-free ePub & Mobi bundle available worldwide, requires valid email address but no account signup; follow the instructions on the page to reset the suggested price in the cart to $0.00 during checkout)

There are three separate discount tie-in offers this month.

Available directly on the promo page, the first completes the set of #1-3 in the Lucifer Jones series available from Phoenix Pick (Subterranean Press has the rights to #4) for $3.99. The second provides 4 separate Resnick titles for $3.99, including stories that garnered Resnick his Hugo & Nebula awards, among others.

The third offer is a special deal on its own promo page for books #2-3 in Resnick’s Oracle sub-series in his Birthright Universe setting of far future space opera, which were originally printed in the 1990s by Ace Books, for just $2.99 for a combo bundle of both books (#1 has been offered free in the past).

Description (the blurb really does cut off at that point, for some unknown reason)
Mike Resnick’s accomplishments (to date) include 64 novels, 21 collections, 40 anthologies, two screenplays and approximately 250 short stories—resulting in a couple of shelves of major awards (including five Hugos from 37 nominations and awards from various countries including Spain, France, Croatia and Japan).

Of all the characters that Mike has created, Lucifer Jones remains his favorite. We are proud to republish this hilarious series of adventures starring a most unique character.

Adventures is the first volume of the Chronicles.

Being a Stirring Chronicle of Intrigue, Romance, Danger, Hairbreadth Escapes, and Thrilling Triumphs over Fierce Beasts and Fiercer Men in the Mysterious and Exotic Dark Continent, as Recounted by the Daring, Resourceful, Handsome, and Modest Christian Gentleman Who Experienced Them.

Fans of Mike’s bestseller Santiago will not be dissapointed in the


Author: Alexander the Drake

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