[Free eBook] Mesopotamia by Arthur Nersesian [Literary Thriller Satire]

Mesopotamia by Armenian-American author Arthur Nersesian, a recipient of the Anahid Literary Prize for Armenian literature, is his standalone contemporary literary mystery/thriller satire, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Akashic Books.

This is a satirical literary fiction novel which skewers the modern prediliction towards celebrity-oriented news media via a murder mystery thriller setup. The story stars a down-and-out journalist who takes a freelance assignment near her childhood small hometown in Tennessee, which in a roundabout way results in her amateur-sleuthing an impromptu investigation into the murders of Elvis impersonators at a local festival, in the process uncovering a fantastic story which she can never reveal.

Offered DRM-free through midnight December 15th, available worldwide directly from the publisher as part of their holiday advent calendar promotion.

Free for a limited time until around midnight EST December 15th (I think the download stays up several hours longer, but the offer officially expires then) @ the publisher’s promotional blogpost (DRM-free ePub & Mobi available worldwide), and you can read more about the book and its author on its regular catalogue page.

There’s also an unrelated freebie online read mystery/suspense short by the author over at the Akashic blog, if you’re interested: Shard

Things have not been going well for journalist Sandy Bloomgarten. Her job went down the drain and her marriage quickly followed. After a lengthy bender, she awakens one morning to the stark realization that she is flat broke. Nonetheless, she’s still a crack reporter and when a tabloid offers her a freelance assignment in Memphis, just a stone’s throw from her childhood home in Mesopotamia, Tennessee, she takes it.

Though sent there for one story, she winds up tracking down another: someone is killing Elvis impersonators who perform at the annual Sing-the-King festival. The few clues lead her to several unlikely characters: a cheating local minister constantly on the make; a strange band of misfits who only cover Elvis tunes; a small-town private eye who blew himself up along with his crystal meth lab. As Sandy’s investigation closes, she realizes that she is sitting on what could be the story of the century. The only problem is she can never reveal what she has found.

Nersesian’s latest novel, set largely in Tennessee, is a satiric thriller that takes an amusing view of America’s predilection with the superficial over the relevant, and celebrity excitement over real news.


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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