[Free eBook] Far-Seer by Robert J. Sawyer [Dinosaur Science Fiction]

Far-Seer by Canadian author Robert J. Sawyer, a recipient of the Hugo and Nebula Awards, is the 1st novel in his Quintaglio Ascension trilogy of xenoanthropological science fiction, free for a limited time courtesy of the author himself, in part to celebrate his receiving membership in the Order of Canada, one of our highest national honours.

This was originally published in 1992 by Ace Books and was the 1992 winner of the HOMer Award for Best Novel (this was apparently a Readers’ Choice prize given out by members of the old CompuServe service) as well as a nominee for the Aurora Awards. The included bonus short story did actually win both an Aurora and a HOMer. The trilogy is set on a planet of intelligent dinosaurs, who are about to make the leap from medieval-ish to modern times. This novel covers the beginnings of their age of scientific enlightenment, as their version of Galileo makes a startling discovery about their world, which is met by hostile resistance.

The Quintaglio Ascension trilogy is one of my personal favourite science fiction settings, and this novel is a great introduction to Sawyer’s award-winning work, as well as an interesting and enjoyable story in its own right.

Offered worldwide through the end of 2016, available at Kobo.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Kobo

You can also read more about the writing of the novel and additional supplementary info about the setting, including maps and such, at the author’s dedicated webpage for it.

Sixty-five million years ago, aliens transplanted Earth’s dinosaurs to another world. Now, intelligent saurians — the Quintaglios — have emerged. Afsan, the Quintaglio counterpart of Galileo, must convince his people of the truth about their place in the universe before astronomical forces rip the dinosaurs’ new home apart.

This exclusive Kobo edition contains the Aurora Award-winning short story Just Like Old Times.


Author: Alexander the Drake

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