[Free eBook] Don Dimaio of La Plata by Robert Arellano [Political Satire Literary Novel]

Don Dimaio of La Plata by Robert Arellano, an Edgar Award-nominated author, is is his standalone literary/weird fiction hybrid political satire novel, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Akashic Books.

This is a standalone story which is part of Akashic’s multi-author Urban Surreal series, and is inspired by Miguel de Cervantes’ classic novel Don Quixote, apparently based upon Arellano’s real life experience with city politics. The story is a darkly comedic zany romp through the civil bureaucracy of a dysfunctional mayoral stint and the shady underbelly of the city it serves.

Offered DRM-free through midnight December 7th, available worldwide directly from the publisher as part of their holiday advent calendar promotion.

Free for a limited time until around midnight EST December 7th (I think the download stays up several hours longer, but the offer officially expires then) @ the the publisher’s (DRM-free ePub & Mobi available worldwide)

You’re walking along the road in La Plata when the fog rolls in. Giant billboards hulk close above while the lights of the city are blotted out one by one. A black limo with the #1 license plate pulls up out of the pea soup and the driver, a goon in a trooper uniform, says, “Get een.” The back door opens and there he is, all sharkskin suit and slick toupee, kicked back on the leather seat and grinning in a horizontal mirror: Mayor Donald “Pally” Dimaio. High up in the mist you hear an ape-like shriek: Ook ook ai ai ai! The engine is running. “Well, buddy,” says Mayor Dimaio, holding out a rolled-up hundred. “You want some of this?”

Take a bribe and a ride with La Plata’s favorite rogue politico through a tripped-out town of strip clubs and drug dens where the heirs of Abraham Beige, original pilgrim, rub shoulders with gun-waving goodfellas who steal their lines from ’90s gangster flicks. La Plata is a city for sale, and whether it’s a job as a cop or a million-dollar contract you want, Don Dimaio will show you the way.

Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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