[Free eBook] Things from the Town: Artefacts and Inhabitants in Viking-age Kaupang [Viking Age Archaeology]

Things from the Town: Artefacts and Inhabitants in Viking-age Kaupang edited by Dagfinn Skre, a Professor of Archaeology at the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo in Norway, is a collection of academic essays about Viking Age archaeological finds, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher the Aarhus University Press in Denmark.

This is the 3rd volume in the Kaupang Excavation Project series collecting academic essays pertaining to an extensive project from the University about the excavations carried out on the eponymous Viking Age marketplace excavation site in Norway. This volume covers assorted uncovered artifacts and their relation to the inhabitants’ daily lives and wider world. It’s very comprehensive volume , and not only showcases assorted finds of metalwork, precious jewellery, glassware, textiles, and more, but also placing them in context in the townspeoples’ lives of how they were made locally or acquired via trade, etc.

Offered through the month of December, available worldwide DRM-free.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide throughout December as their featured English-language Free Book of the Month directly @ the university’s dedicated promo page (DRM-free PDF). You can also find more info about the book on its regular catalogue page.

NB: This is a ~45 file which you probably don’t want to download on a device that has data limits.

In this third volume deriving from the excavations of the Viking town of Kaupang of 2000-2003, a range of artefacts is presented along with a discussion of the town’s inhabitants: their origins, activities and trading connexions. The main categories of artefact are metal jewellery and ornaments, gemstones, vessel glass, pottery, finds of soapstone, whetstones and textile-production equipment. The artefacts are described and dated, and their areas of origin discussed. The volume is lavishly illustrated.

An exceptional wealth and diversity of artefacts distinguishes sites such as Kaupang from all other types of site in the Viking World. Above all, they reflect the fact that a large population of some 400-600 people lived closely together in the town, engaged in a comprehensive range of production and trade. The stratigraphically distinct layers from the first half of the 9th century allow us to put precise dates to the finds, and to the buildings and evidence of activities associated with them.


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