[Free eBook] Curse the Names by Robert Arellano [Literary Noir Technothriller]

Curse the Names by Robert Arellano, an Edgar Award-nominated author, is is his standalone hybrid literary fiction/noir crime technothriller novel, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Akashic Books.

The novel is set in modern-day New Mexico, at the site of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (birthplace of the Manhattan Project which produced the atomic bomb), and contains psychological suspense/weird happenings elements (the novel’s style has been described as a mix between Alfred Hitchcock’s films, and The Twilight Zone television series). This story stars a reporter at the facility who is convinced he can prevent an accident which will lead to an atomic apocalypse, if it weren’t for all the strange people getting in his way.

Offered DRM-free through midnight December 2nd, available worldwide directly from the publisher.

Free for a limited time until midnight December 2nd @ the the publisher’s (DRM-free ePub & Mobi available worldwide)

High on a Mesa in the Mountains of New Mexico, a small town hides a dreadful secret. On a morning very soon there will be an accident that triggers a terrible chain reaction, and the world we know will be wiped out.

James Oberhelm, a reporter at Los Alamos National Laboratory, already sees the devastation, like the skin torn off a moment that is yet to be. He believes he can prevent an apocalypse, but first James must escape the devices of a sensuous young blood tech, a lecherous old hippie, a predator in a waking nightmare, and a forsaken adobe house high away in the Sangre de Cristo mountains whose dark history entwines them all.

A massive bomb is ticking beneath the sands of the Southwest, and time is running out to send a warning. James has to find a way to pass along the message—even if it ruins him.


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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