[Free eBook] The Dark Mirror by Basil Copper [Vintage Mystery/Crime Thriller]

The Dark Mirror by the late British author Basil Copper, perhaps best known for his contributions to the Solar Pons series which was a popular Sherlock Holmes pastiche back in the day, is the 1st novel in his Mike Faraday series of gritty hard-boiled mystery/crime thrillers, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture imprint.

This was originally published in 1966 by Chivers Press. This long-running popular series (over 40 books published between the 1960s and the 1980s) stars a hard-boiled California P.I. with a sharp sense of humour. This installment takes place in Los Angeles, featuring a case where he investigates the death of a potential client who is murdered after contacting him, with some unexpected help from a truth-seeking cop in the otherwise corrupt LAPD, as the body count rises. NB: several modern-day customer reviews have noted that the narrative sometimes uses rather racist and sexist language and attitudes which were unfortunately typical of the time period in which it was written, but is otherwise solid and entertaining crime fiction. YMMV.

Offered worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

Mike Faraday is a P.I. out of the best tradition: salt of the earth, hardworking, a little rough around the edges, but smart as a whip.

When he gets a phone call from a nervous potential client, he thought the case would just be routine.

Then a silenced gun cuts down his client.

Soon, Faraday becomes embroiled in a trail of murder and violence, the likes of which he has never seen before.

Suddenly the case becomes part of a much bigger picture, one that has the potential to get Faraday killed.

Fortunately, being shot at is something Faraday is more than used to.

Despite the fact that corrupt cops run rampant through the LAPD, Faraday finds an ally in Captain Tucker, an apple munching, nose for the truth police chief, as they search for the answers to the mystery surrounding the client’s murder and the subsequent bodies that seem to line up the more they investigate.

The Dark Mirror is a fast-moving crime thriller and the first to feature Mike Faraday, the gritty detective who makes his living the hard way in downtown L.A. Faraday’s sardonic humor and way with the ladies lend an authenticity to this story and the mystery only gets more and more twisted the more Faraday discovers.


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