[Free eBook] Danish Medieval Castles [Archaeology & Architecture History]

Danish Medieval Castles by Rikke Agnete Olsen, an historian associated with the National Museum of Denmark, translated by Joan F. Davidson with illustrations by Janne Klerk, is her accessibly-written overview of the history, archaeology, and architecture of Danish medieval castles, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Aarhus University Press in Denmark.

This is an English-language translation of the Danish original Danske middelalderborge, which was chosen as one of the 2011 Year’s Best Book Works by the Forening for Boghaandværk (a bookcrafter’s association). This is a very nicely done coffee table sort of artbook, with plenty of historical backgrounder and general how-they-lived sort of info (including a medieval pancake recipe!) in addition to the specific architectural data, as well as lots of colour photographs and black & white line diagrams, and a helpful illustrated glossary of castle construction terms.

Offered through the month of November, available worldwide DRM-free.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide throughout November as their featured English-language Free Book of the Month directly @ the university’s dedicated promo page (DRM-free PDF, approximately 60 mb). You can also find more info about the book on its regular catalogue page and its original version’s catalogue page.

Danish Medieval Castles is the first comprehensive overview in English of the castles and fortifications that are known from medieval Denmark. The book tells the story of who built the castles, when they did so, and why this happened.

Over the past decades several castle buildings and earthworks have been examined, a few new archaeological sites have been found, and old excavations have been reopened. All of this has resulted in new knowledge. The book also describes everyday life in Dansish castles in the Middle Ages, and examines the historic importance of the castles in times of peace and turbulence.


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