[Free eBook Repeat] Destroyer of Worlds by E. C. Tubb [Vintage Science Fiction]

Destroyer of Worlds by the late E. C. Tubb, edited by Philip Harbottle, is his posthumous vintage science fiction novel, newly rediscovered by his estate, free again for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press’ Venture imprint.

This is a previously unpublished novel which does not appear to tie into any of Tubb’s long-running popular golden age sci-fi series such as the Dumarest saga. The story involves the crew of an exploratory spaceship, who find themselves subjected to strange mental effects as they approach a mysterious planet.

Offered again worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide @ Amazon

They should have listened…

A never before seen novel from master of the genre, E. C. Tubb!

All is well aboard the Ad Astra, exploratory spaceship. Commander Carl Maddox watches carefully for any signs of cabin fever or unrest, but the crew is occupied with their jobs and hard at work.

The inaugural performance of an onboard play is commenced and all is going perfectly – until the audience’s perceptions of the play take on a life of their own.

“Turn back! Back! Back!”

A warning – but from whom?

Each spectator was given the message in a slightly different way, their subconsciousness tailoring it for maximum effect. As Commander Maddox, chief medical officer Dr. Claire Allard, and the rest of the crew try to solve the mystery of the mental hijacking, one of the scout ships is attacked by another mental warning – this time with dire consequences.

They have failed to heed the warning, a move they would later dearly regret.

The Ad Astra has discovered a bubble in space, a self-contained universe – one they are now trapped in. A strange sentient planet had been quarantined by a long-dead alien race. And for a very good reason … it was a Destroyer of Worlds!

E.C Tubb manages a large cast of characters while exploring one of the oldest stories in a new way – Man vs. that which seeks to destroy him. Destroyer of Worlds is a story in the classic science fiction style. The mystery and alien tension will hook any reader and keep them turning each page until the end.


Author: Alexander the Drake

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