[Free eBook] The Limits of Pleasure by Daniel M. Jaffe [LGBT Jewish Erotic Literary Novel]

The Limits of Pleasure by Daniel M. Jaffe, a Rainbow Award finalist writer and literary translator, is literary fiction novel with Jewish heritage and m/m romantic elements and erotic content, free for a limited time courtesy of LGBT specialty Lethe Press.

This was originally published in 2001 by Harrington Park Press and was a finalist for the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year, as well as receving an entry in the The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Multiethnic American Literature series. The story is about the journey of self-discovery by a middle-aged Jewish gay man who begins delving into both sides of his identity in the wake of the death of his grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, as he travels to visit the house of Anne Frank in Amsterdam and winds up taking a path of drowning his insecurities in highly charged erotic trysts until he meets a man with life-altering identity conflicts of his own.

Offered DRM-free worldwide, available at Amazon.

Free for a limited time, available worldwide DRM-free @ Amazon

If you happen to wish to read more of the author’s writing, there’s a freebie online read contemporary literary short story of his over at the JewishFiction.net online journal: Shehechianu

With great humor and sensitivity, writer Daniel M. Jaffe’s novel The Limits of Pleasure follows Dave Miller, a forty-year-old bearish gay man, living in Boston in an escalating skirmish to reconcile his Jewish and gay identities.

A year after the death of his Holocaust-surviving grandmother, Dave leaves Boston for Amsterdam, the home of Anne Frank, whom his Grandma revered. Dave, feeling undeserving to confront the suffering that Grandma endured in the concentration camps, cannot bring himself to visit Anne Frank’s house.

Angry at himself and the world, Dave repeatedly seeks out risky erotic trysts that mix sacred ritual with profane hedonism. Then he meets Alexander, a sexually reserved Dutchman of Indonesian heritage, who has identity conflicts of his own. The relationship shakes both men’s lives to their core.


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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