[Free eBook] dozens of free books from BevEditions [Canadian Mystery, Literary, History, Non-Fiction, Etc.]

As part of the Smashwords July sale, which is expiring later tonight, Canadian small press publisher BevEditions are offering much of their catalogue for free using the coupon code SFREE.

There are literally dozens of titles, too many to list, but they have many backlist works by Canadian authors, which were previously published by HarperCollins and other publishers, including works by Arthur Ellis Award-winning mystery writer Lyn Hamilton, Canadian literary fiction figure Morley Torgev, historian Marion Fowler, and more, in assorted genres and subjects including Canadian and related history, literature and literary fiction, mystery & thriller novels, humour and historical fiction, and more.

This will probably only last until midnight either Eastern or Pacific Time tonight on July 31st, so if you think you might be interested, please visit their publisher page at Smashwords, and just go down the listings and once you go to the book’s individual page, if you see the words Use the code SFREE at checkout to get this book for free during our site-wide promotion!, then you can get the title for free. You can also gift the free works which are available by using the Give as Gift button, and then applying the coupon and your friends’ email address in the cart.

These are all offered DRM-free, available worldwide. (Not all books are free as part of the sale, so you’ll have to skip a few listings, but the free books continue down to nearly the bottom of the listings.)


Author: Alexander the Drake

The public persona of a private person.

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